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MaintainX Wishlist

MaintainX Wishlist


Recently in my MaintainX CMMS software introduction, I stated that “MaintainX is the right product and the best CMMS software at the best price for our needs.” that remains true. However, MaintainX is not perfect, and no CMMS software could be. Every maintenance department has its own unique requirements. To that end, I have decided to devote this page to a “MaintainX Wishlist” featuring what I believe are features and changes, and improvements that could benefit others. I plan on sharing this “MaintainX Wishlist” with my MaintainX account manager regularly. 

The MaintainX team is proactive and constantly updating the product, and some of my wishlist items were implemented before this page was published (nothing to do with my input, just a good coincidence).

This is a live page, meaning I’m updating and adding to the content as I come across a need at my day job. Last update 08/05/2023

MaintainX Work Order Wishlist

  • Select Multiple Assets – Only one asset can be selected when creating a work order. Often I would like to have a work order with multiple identical pieces of equipment chosen. Example: “Replace the filters in Pump 1, Pump 2, and Pump 3”. To do that, now a single work order is created for one pump, then duplicated and edited for the other pumps. It’s important to understand, depending on the situation, allowing multiple asset selections might require a different method of tracking time. I would still like the option.
  • Capitalize Work Order Titles Automatically – This might seem trivial, but capitalization of the first letter of each word in a work order looks cleaner in work orders and when reporting.
  • “Hot” Work Orders – Tag specific work orders that provide an in-the-face notification. Use for tracking critical work orders.
  • Cost Override by Administrators – Some recurring PMs & services are performed by contractors without company staff input. Only vendor costs are incurred.
  • Separate Required Cost Options – Having to enter a $0 dollar amount on the “Other Costs” gets old. The option to make “Other Costs” optional while enforcing the “Time” costs would be helpful.

MaintainX Purchase Order Wishlist

  • Tag users and teams in the purchase order comment field.
  • Automate recurring purchase orders, possibly tie them to a recurring PM.

MaintainX Assets Wishlist

  • Barcode Printing – Export to additional formats for other software such as Zebra .zpl or XML.

MaintainX Parts Inventory Wishlist

  • International Barcodes Database – Besides our product description, my team also includes the manufacturer’s description of an inventory part. It will be a great time saver if there is an option to search for product information online when entering a part into MaintainX as an inventory item. Bonus if the search could be initiated from a barcode scanner. Let MaintainX automatically populate the description field or have a custom field available for the vendor description.

MaintainX Categories Wishlist

  • User-Defined Symbol – MaintainX default categories feature easy-to-identify symbols. If a category is renamed, the symbol turns into a colored identification tag. Creating a custom category also results in the default colored identification tag. It would be helpful if users could access the default symbols minimally through a library or palette.

MaintainX Messaging Wishlist

  • Messaging individual users or specific teams is not an option. All messaging is to the entire company team. Update: MaintainX now allows tagging of users (@user) in the work order comment field.

MaintainX Procedure Wishlist

  • Blank Text Box – Presently, there is no option for a text box that is entirely blank. The closest offering is a text box that contains either a user-defined title or a default title. My suggestion to MaintainX would be to let the field remain blank if the user deletes the title.

MaintainX Users & Permissions Wishlist

  • Premium Plan Granular User Permissions  – MaintainX premium plan includes four user groups “Requestor,” Limited,” “Full,” and “Administrator.” While there is a significant distinction between the permissions sets of the user groups, I find the one size fits all approach isn’t ideal.
    • Example 1: I have a few team members who I would like to only be able to create work orders for assets or locations they are assigned to. For other tasks, I would like them to generate a work order that requires approval from an Administrator (or a different user group that isn’t presently an option).
    • Example 2: I wish there was a selection to have specific teams or permission groups only see their work orders. Presently the “Limited” user group can be set so individual users can see only their work orders. I would like the facilities, janitorial, and machine maintenance teams to only see their department’s work orders.
    • Example 3: My company has a light supervisory and maintenance staff. It would be tremendously valuable if there was a permission option that a requestor’s work orders don’t require additional approval.

Allowing more granular permissions should be followed up with being able to save permission sets as a new user group, i.e., facilities, janitorial, machine maintenance, etc. If MaintainX wants to hold back a little for its enterprise plan, limiting the number of permissions-based groups would be a fair compromise.

  • Custom User Groups – Building on the granular permissions above, custom user groups should be standard.

MaintainX Reporting Wish List

  • Public Dashboards – Read-only dashboards for non-MaintainX users. In my scenario, I would like senior management to view specific reports at will.

MaintainX Miscellaneous Wishlist

  • Calendar – A calendar function would be helpful in planning team member time off and contractor scheduling and management.
  • Portal – Assign multiple assets.
  • Vendors – Additional field for a contact’s mobile number.

While you’re here, if you have a missing feature you would like to see in this MaintainX Wishlist, comment below.

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