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My Journey to MaintainX Software

Before MaintainX Software, there was Fiix CMMS. About one year ago, my place of employment was about to sign-up for Fiix CMMS software. The plant manager pulled the plug on the project at the last minute. His reasoning was solid. He envisioned all the prework that he felt would be necessary for a successful launch and thought it was more than my team could do internally. He wanted to hire additional help for which corporate had no appetite.
Initially, I was disappointed, but the pause gave me time to research Fiix’s competitors.

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MaintainX Competitors

Fast forward about a year, and I decided enough was enough. My team needed to move away from printed forms, Excel spreadsheets, and our memories. My needs, on the surface, seemed essential. 

  • Work orders with category, time, and cost tracking
  • Inventory and cost tracking
  • Asset management
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Lockout Tagout
  • Reporting

I spent a lot of time researching the CMMS software products from the companies listed above. All the products would work well, but each had pros and cons. Somewhere online, I located a list that offered a detailed comparison between the products, and three details quickly became apparent.

  • MaintainX checked most of the right boxes for our needs.
  • Fiix was not the best product for our needs. 
  • The cost varied enough to be an influence.

Fortunately, MaintainX is the right product and the best CMMS software at the best price for our needs. 

Backing up a bit, it was a close toss-up between UpKeep and MaintainX. Ultimately, MaintainX beat the competition for two reasons,  a great marketing strategy and, most importantly, a 30-day trial of their premium plan.

Quietly I spent nights and weekends testing and populating MaintainX. The software is intuitive, and the MantainX Free Online Training fills the knowledge voids. A week before the MaintainX trial expiration date, I unveiled my work to the Vice President and Plant Manager. As they say, the rest is history.

In Future posts, I will review MaintainX and provide some instructions that can be downloaded and shared with your team and imported into MaintainX.

MaintainX Overview

MaintainX, San Francisco, California – MaintainX is the world-leading mobile-first workflow management platform for industrial and frontline workers. They are a modern IoT-enabled cloud-based tool for maintenance, safety, and operations on equipment and facilities. MaintainX helps businesses track reactive and preventive maintenance and control their daily functions, such as safety inspections, quality inspections, and operating checklists—all with a digital audit trail.

Here’s what they digitize and take away from the clipboard: – Safety Procedures – Environmental Checklists – Tooling & Gauge Reporting – Maintenance Procedures – Auditing/Inspection Workflows – Training Checklists. MaintainX allows plant managers to become more efficient operators by delivering real-time business insights from the field. MaintainX is the fastest and first Frontline Resource Management (FRM) system. Learn more at!

MaintainX is designed to work with organizations of all sizes. Whether you are running a small team of two or coordinating a massive team of hundreds of folks around multiple locations, MaintainX wants to empower every organization to streamline its workflows.



MaintainX has wholly transformed our maintenance management process. It’s a comprehensive platform that simplifies and streamlines everything from work orders to asset management. The user interface is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for our team to adapt and utilize all its features. Creating and assigning work orders is a breeze, and the ability to track progress and communicate in real-time has dramatically improved our efficiency.

The robust asset management functionality allows us to track maintenance history, schedule preventive tasks, and ensure proper documentation. What sets MaintainX apart is its seamless collaboration capabilities. Our team can communicate, share updates, and attach photos directly within the app, ensuring clear and efficient communication. The mobile app is a massive plus as it enables our technicians to access and update information on the go.

The customer support team is also responsive and helpful, promptly addressing our questions or concerns. Implementing MaintainX has significantly reduced downtime, improved response time, and increased productivity. We highly recommend MaintainX to any organization seeking a powerful, user-friendly, and all-in-one maintenance management solution.

MaintainX is a web-based CMMS tool that can be used on mobile devices. It aims to improve workflow completion and strengthen team communication. It can be used by operational teams in small to large businesses. This solution allows users to track unlimited assets and create countless work orders. Additionally, this tool includes an internal messaging system that reduces unnecessary emails and speeds up workflows.

With MaintainX, users can easily create customized templates, such as procedures and checklists. Users can also upload annotated photos to inspections to provide more clarity on the status of an asset/location.

Pricing is per user on a monthly or yearly subscription basis. Support is available online or via live chat. Compatible with iOS and Android.


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