Harbor Freight US General 27 Inch Toolbox Series 3

Harbor Freight US General 27 Inch Toolbox Series 3

Harbor Freight U.S. General 27 Inch Toolbox Series 3

Harbor Freight U.S. General 27in x 22in Rolling Cabinet, Series 3

I have written elsewhere that the U.S. General 26-inch rolling cart is my team’s “Go-to” toolbox. One of the critical factors aside from quality versus price is the number of drawers. I like a lot of drawers, and the 26″ toolbox has eight. The reality of living with the toolbox is the top drawers are of limited use and work best with thin, flat tools. To my team, the shallow drawers resulted in the top drawers devoted to catch-alls and precision measuring tools. Maybe we were not alone.
Enter the U.S. General 27-inch rolling cabinet, Series 3. The Series 3 toolbox is slightly taller and has one less drawer. This Update makes the toolbox much more usable for maintenance teams like mine that store cordless tools, multimeters, upright sockets, etc.
I have a toolbox on order for my new hire, a senior maintenance technician. Look for additional commentary in the coming weeks.

Harbor Freight U.S. General 27 Inch Toolbox Series 3 Overview: The Harbor Freight U.S. General 27 Inch Series 3 Rolling Tool Cabinet is a reliable and versatile tool storage solution. Its robust construction features a durable powder-coated finish that resists corrosion. The cabinet offers ample space with six drawers and smooth ball-bearing slides for easy access. The locking mechanism ensures the security of your tools, and the sturdy casters allow for convenient mobility around the workspace. This tool cabinet is part of the U.S. General Series 3. It is known for its quality and functionality. It is ideal for professionals and DIY enthusiasts seeking a dependable, well-designed storage solution for their tools and equipment.

U.S. General 42″ and 27″ Inch Toolbox Series 3 Video

U.S. General 27-inch Series 3 versus U.S. General 26-inch Series 2 

What’s the difference between the U.S. General Series 2 and Series 3? Read below for a comparison of the 26″ vs 27″

  • Series 3 has seven drawers, whereas Series 2 has eight drawers.
  • Series 3 has 11,600 cubic inches of volume, whereas Series 2 has 9800 cubic inches.
  • Series 3 has a working load of 1200 pounds versus Series 2 1000 pounds.
  • Series 3 measures 41 1/4 inches tall versus Series 2 40 1/2 inches
  • Series 3’s 194.04-pound shipping weight is 7.3 pounds more than the 186.73 pounds of Series 2  
  • Series 3 measures 27 inches wide, whereas Series 2 measures 26 inches.

Note: Some sources report the Series 3 rolling cabinets weigh slightly lighter than their closest Series 2 counterparts. I can’t confirm the facts.

01/06/2024 Update: I now possess a 27-inch, and I will be able to compare the two toolboxes in person. 

Manufacturer Details: Harbor Freight U.S. General 27 Inch Toolbox Series 3

The U.S. GENERAL® Series 3 Tool Storage line features uniform case heights, depths, drawer pulls, and cosmetic finishes so the entire setup looks and functions consistently as a family. The 27 in. Roll Cab features a 7-drawer setup optimized for tool storage and utility with a total overall storage volume of 11,600 cu. In. and has a weight capacity of 1200 lb.

With seven full-width drawers, full-width drawer latches, and pre-cut drawer liners, this roll cab is loaded with the features you need, and you can secure all the drawers utilizing a single integrated barrel lock. Durable full-extension ball bearings, three deep drawers, and a tough powder-coated finish mean this roll cab is up to the task in your professional auto shop or your garage.

U.S. GENERAL® Series 3 is designed by Harbor Freight’s in-house engineering team to precise industry-leading standards, and every specification and feature is rigorously tested in our state-of-the-art testing facility in the USA. Combining quality materials, precise standards, and rigorous testing provides peace of mind, knowing that Series 3 is high quality and resilient for a long service life.

  • 11,600 cu. in. of storage space
  • 1200 lb. weight capacity
  • 7 drawers for easy organization of hand tools, power tools, and everything else you need
  • Durable full-extension ball-bearing drawer slides support up to 120 lb. per pair
  • Full-width drawer latches allow for easy opening from anywhere on the drawer
  • 5 in. casters (2 fixed, 2 locking swivel) provide easy mobility when fully loaded
  • A single integrated barrel-lock system keeps tools safe and secure
  • Tough powder-coated gloss finish for wear and rust resistance
  • The U.S. GENERAL® Series 2 26 in. and Series 3 27 in. top chests each fit this Series 3 27 in. rolling cabinet.

Visit Harbor Freight for additional information.

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