Weidmuller Stripax Wire Stripper 8-28 AWG


Weidmuller Stripax

Since the early 1990s, Weidmuller has been my go-to for wire and ferrule crimping tools until very recently. Recently a quest to find the best wire strippers for halogen-free PUR wires and cables has me revisiting automatic wire strippers in general. Weidmuller offers a halogen-free automatic wire stripper, the Stripax Ultimate. I don’t need that model because it’s $160 and I already own the best, the Knipex Automatic Wire Stripper 12 12 02.

I’m presently looking at the quality and cost of automatic wire strippers for traditional PVC and nylon insulated wires and cables. The Weidmuller Stripax Wire Stripper 9005000000 comes in at the upper end of my budget of $85-$110 and fits exactly with my needs of 8 AWG-28 AWG. I rarely deal with conductors smaller than 26 AWG, and we will deal with strippers 26 AWG-32 AWG in another post.

Note, Weidmüller appears under three different spellings:

  1. Weidmüller
  2. Weidmuller
  3. Weidmueller

Weidmuller Stripax Wire Stripper Features

  • Automatic adjustment
  • Cable type: Stranded and solid conductors with PVC insulation
  • Max. stripping length: 25 mm (1 inch)
  • Conductor cross-sectional area: 0.08-10 mm²(28-8 AWG)
  • Length: 190 mm

Weidmuller Stripax Mini Review

Coming Soon!

The Weidmuller Stripax Wire Stripper can be found in my toolbox.

Weidmuller Stripax 9005000000

Weidmuller Stripax 9005000000

Weidmüller Stripax Wire Stripper 9005000000

Weidmuller Stripax Wire Stripper 9005000000: For fine-stranded and solid conductors with PVC insulation. The stripping length is with stop can be set. The jaws open automatically after stripping. A splitting of the single conductor is avoided. Double-insulated cables can be stripped in two operations without any special setting. The precutter device is free of play and even after resetting. The Pliers features an optimized ergonomic design and long life.


  • Stripping tools with automatic self-adjustment
  • For flexible and solid conductors
  • Ideally suitable for mechanical and plant engineering, railway and rail traffic, wind energy, robot technology, explosion protection, and marine, offshore, and shipbuilding sectors.
  • Stripping length adjustable via end stop
  • Automatic opening of clamping jaws after stripping
  • No fanning-out of individual conductors
  • Adjustable to diverse insulation thicknesses
  • Double-insulated cables in two process steps without special adjustment
  • No play in self-adjusting cutting unit
  • Long service life
  • Optimized ergonomic design

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