$24 Felo Automatic Wire Stripper Review



Felo Automatic Wire Stripper

Felo Automatic Wire Stripper

Felo Automatic Wire Stripper One Minute Review

On a recent Saturday, I found myself in an unusual circumstance,  I was without a wire stripper at home with plans of doing some electrical work in my garage. How did this happen, you ask? The answer is two-fold, most of my automatic wire strippers are at the office, and the remainder is with a friend who I’m helping with some lighting upgrades at his business. A smart guy would have retrieved a tool from either location. A guy who likes to test tools looks for an excuse to buy something new.

To that end, I went to Amazon and ordered an automatic wire stripper I have wanted to try for a while, the Felo 62681 Automatic Wire Stripper, aka “The Red Dragon.” Several hours later, via Amazon Prime same-day delivery, the stripper was in my hands.

Sunday morning, I headed to the garage with coffee and the Felo stripper in hand. The task for the day and the test for the tool was to begin wiring Hubbell Walltrak. The Walltrak is filled with #12 AWG THHN in red, stranded conductors, black, stranded conductors, and green, solid conductor.

Felo Automatic Wire Stripper Construction and Ergonomics

The Felo stripper is relatively small, fits the hand well enough, and despite its plastic construction, it appears to be a quality tool. The depth stop is adjustable and is the source of two of my three critiques. I found the adjustment to be mildly sloppy but on par with other strippers in the same price range. I also found the depth stop slightly narrower than the strippers I use regularly. It required a little more time to line up. Not a big deal; it just slowed my flow a little bit. I like the top cutter very much. Some strippers feature the cutter on the underside, which often doesn’t lend itself to making cuts without having to adjust the position of the tool so you can see where you’re cutting.

The grip of the Felo was not perfect for me. My pointer finger wanted to be at the joint where the parts actuate. Not a big deal as there’s no risk of pinching but not an ideal location for the best leverage when performing a stripping operation.

Felo Wire Stripper

Felo Wire Stripper

Felo Automatic Wire Stripper Versus 12 AWG THHN

I read a few reviews of the Felo that stated the wire stripper didn’t work well for 10 AWG. Generally speaking, for any wire #10 AWG and larger, I would use a different class and size tool. This tool stripped the #12 THHN solid and stranded all day without a single failure. The #12 solid did require slightly more effort but no big deal.

Just for kicks, I stripped smaller gauge wire that I had on hand. I stripped speaker wire, zip cord, and miscellaneous hook-up wire. The stripped did its job with surprising and boring perfection.

Bottom Line: Felo Automatic Wire Stripper

Keep in mind I’m used to premium automatic wire strippers that cost many times that of the Felo Red Dragon. I use these tools almost daily.  That said, the Felo is a good automatic wire stripper at its price range of $24-26. It’s also priced exactly the same as the Jokari Super 4 Plus Wire Stripper. I’ll go one step further; I think the Felo 62681 Automatic Wire Stripper is the exact same stripper as the Jokari Super 4 Plus Wire Stripper, except the Felo is red in color. Would I use the Felo as my primary wire stripper at work? No, but I would keep one as my secondary stripper if I’m doing an operation that requires a second strip length.

Would I use the Felo wire stripper as my primary wire stripper at home? Absolutely and without hesitation. In fact, the Felo will be hanging over my workbench.

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Felo Automatic Wire Stripper 62681 – The Felo Dragon

Felo 62681 Automatic Wire StripperFelo 62681 Felo Automatic Wire Stripper Stripping Capacity: 24 – 10 AWG (0.2 – 6.0mm2) 583 999 11 Series 583 Automatic Wire Stripper

Fast, automatic wire stripper for the professional and hobbyist. Such a time-saver; you will want one for every toolbox! Perfect for 24 to 10 AWG wires, up to 6mm diameter. Adjustable stripping length selector, 6-15mm. Top access wire cutter for fast cutting without switching tools
62681 Felo Automatic Wire Stripper, 10-24 AWG

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