Banner DBQ5 Proximity Sensor Tester Demo Box

Banner DBQ5 Proximity Sensor Tester

Banner DBQ5 Proximity Sensor Tester


Banner Engineering DBQ5 Proximity Sensor Tester for DC Sensors (Banner Engineering DBQ5 Portable Demo Box)

In the old days, I tested DC proximity sensors with my Fluke DMM. It’s not a problem for me, but it confuses untrained and inexperienced team members. Trying to get them to understand PNP and NPN compounded the problem. One day, I browsed the McMaster Carr catalog and saw something new on the three-wire DC proximity sensors pages.

This new thing was called a “Proximity Sensor Tester.” Sounding too good to be true, I ordered a unit. The sensor unit was simple to use. Simply place the brown wire under the +24vdc terminal, the blue wire under the 24vdc terminal, and the black wire under the sensor output terminal. A quick test would tell me if the sensor was “normally open” or “normally closed” and whether it was PNP or NPN type output. Much easier than my Fluke DMM, the tester became critical in my test tool arsenal.

Why the Banner DBQ5 Proximity Sensor Tester Demo Box is Better Than My Previous Sensor Tester

A few years later, my local Banner Engineering representative showed up with the “Banner Engineering DBQ5 Portable Demo Box” in his pocket. While the Banner DBQ5 didn’t do anything, my old sensor tester couldn’t do it, but it did do a few things better. There were four critical features that I would consider improvements.

  1. Metal Construction – The DBQ5 is rugged; it’s metal-cased, and the LEDs are protected from physical damage.
  2. M12 5-pin pigtail for direct sensor attachment. This connection is an additional connection method. The DBQ5 also features spring load terminals similar to my original sensor tester.
  3. Two Inputs – The DBQ5 has provisions for two sensor outputs versus my original unit’s single point.
  4. 27VDC versus 18VDC of my original unit. Battery life is much greater with three nine-volt batteries versus two.

Banner Engineering DBQ5 Portable Demo Box Not Just For Testing Sensors

My DBQ5 sees heavy use for setting up cylinder position and proximity sensors without operating the machine or even having it powered on. I carry a small collection of adapters and cables with the DBQ5.

I also use the DBQ5 as a portable power supply for setting up and testing photoelectric sensors while installed on a machine.

The Banner Engineering DBQ5 Portable Demo box will, for the foreseeable future, have a place in my toolbox as well as the tool toolboxes of my team members. It makes setting up and testing DC proximity sensors, cylinder position sensors, and similar devices simple and efficient. Using the DBQ5 requires a fraction of the skills a DMM would require for the same tasks.

Banner Engineering DBQ5 Portable Demo Box Description


  • Used to power DC self-contained photoelectric sensors for testing purposes
  • Designed around the 4-pin Euro-style connector
  • Powered by three standard 9V batteries (27V dc) for very long service life
  • Features bi-color LEDs that indicate not only sensor output status but also output type (NPN or PNP)
  • Cable adapters are available to convert to pico-style or mini­style connectors.
  • A 4-pin wiring barrier is mounted on the top of the box to allow the connection of cabled DC sensors.

Where to Buy The Banner DBQ5 Proximity Sensor Tester

Over the years, I have bought several Banner DBQ5 Proximity Sensor Testers for maintenance team members. I initially ordered them from my local Banner Engineering representative, but the delivery was painfully slow. I buy them from Amazon Marketplace Sellers and have the tester in hand within days.

Download: Banner DBQ5 Proximity Sensor Tester Datasheet

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