Keysight U1272A DMM Fluke Alternative

Picture of a Keysight U1272A DMM Keysight U1272 DMM

Keysight U1272 DMM (Agilent U1272A DMM)

Rugged 30K counts, IP54 water-and-dust resistant DMM. Includes Low Pass Filter, low input Z mode, and continuity visual/audio alerts.

Keysight U1272 DMM

Keysight U1272 DMM Unboxed

Keysight U1272A Multimeter 

I have recently considered replacing my trusty old Fluke 187 DMM. The reasons are a topic for another post. My research into a Fluke alternative led me away from Fluke and to a company called Keysight (formally known as Agilent). Keysight offers DMMs with the features I needed and features I wasn’t aware I needed.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t eager to spend $700 plus on a brand I was previously unaware existed. Fortunately, one of my team asked if the company could buy him a new DMM to replace his 30-year-old Fluke meter, and I seized the opportunity and bought him a $432 Keysight U1272A Multimeter.

I haven’t tried the U1272 meter yet, but I will test it soon, following up with a review.
The only thing I can comment on at this time is build quality. The Keysight U1272 multimeter feels on par with my Fluke DMMs. Let’s see what happens in the field.

What’s included:

  • Standard 3-year warranty (90 days for un-serialized accessories)
  • Test lead set
  • K-type thermocouple and adapter
  • Quick start guide
  • Batteries
  • Test report
  • Certificate of calibration

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Keysight U1272A DMM Manual Downloads

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