Jokari Sensor Special Automatic Wire Stripper


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Jokari Sensor Special 20300 Automatic Wire Stripper

Jokari Sensor Special 20300 Automatic Wire Stripper

Jokari Sensor Special Review

In another post, I reviewed the “Jokari 20310 Sensor Special Mini Automatic Wire Stripper,” I explained my history with the Jokari Sensor Special Mini. My team loves that model wire stripper, but unfortunately, they struggle with the concept that one size wire stripper can’t do every sensor cable they come in contact with while performing their duties.

Let me explain: One day, I walked into the maintenance shop, and I found my most senior mechanic using the Jokari mini to strip a Molex Brad Harrison four-conductor sensor cable. The cable diameter exceeded the .173/4.4mm maximum capacity of the Jokari Mini.

 A quick constructive conversation and I donated my personal Jokari Sensor Special to his toolbox and purchased additional units for the other relevant team members.

Generally speaking, the Jokari Sensor Special does what it’s supposed to do, and it does it well. The only negative is the $135 cost. Some might find it hard to justify spending $250 for two cable strippers that might not get used often. In my view, they are worth every cent to get perfect strips without knicks or cut wires that might someday turn into production equipment downtime.

The Jokari 20310 Sensor Special Wire Stripper perfectly strips the insulating jacket from the following cables, and I’m sure many more. It’s critical to stay within Jokari’s stated minimum and maximum capacity Ø 4.40 – 7 mm (.173-.275). For larger diameter cables, there are other cable strippers.

  • Turck Sensors & Turck Sensor Cables
  • Festo Cylinder Position Sensors with halogen-free cables
  • Optex Sensors & Optex Sensor Cables
  • Molex Brad Harison Sensor Cables (Woodhead)
  • Sick Sensors & Sick Sensor Cables
  • Banner Sensors & Banner Sensor Cables
  • Baumer Sensors & Sensor Cables
  • Automation Direct Sensors and Automation Direct Sensor Cables
  • SMC Cylinder Position Sensors
  • Bimba Cylinder Position Sensors
  • Phoenix Contact Sensor Cables
  • Balluff Sensors & Sensor Cables
  • Autonics Sensors
  • Keyence Sensors & Keyence Sensor Cables
  • P&F Sensors & P&F Sensor Cables

There aren’t many places to purchase the Jokari Sensor Special. I buy mine at Amazon.

Jokari Sensor Special Automatic Wire Stripper 20300

  • Especially suitable for stripping cable jackets for sensor and actuator cables
  • Fiberglass reinforced polyamide construction in lightweight construction for outstanding quality and high strength
  • Ergonomic design for fatigue-free repeated stripping
  • Suitable for: PUR halogen-free sensor/actuator cables, highly flexible TPE U cables, PUR-lines, PUR/PVC pipes, PVC cables, multi-wire cable assembly, shielded and unshielded cables.

Jokari Sensor Special Technical Data

  • Suitable for: PUR-coated sensor/actuator cables, Shielded cables, Unshielded cables, TPE U cables, PUR-coated halogen-free sensor cables, PVC-coated cables, PUR-coated cables
  • Operating range (diameter): 4.4 up to 7 mm
  • Working area diameter (min.): 4.4mm
  • Operating range (diameter) (max.): 7mm
  • Length: 166mm
  • Weight: 126g
  • Operating range: Ø 4.40 – 7 mm
  • Type: Sensor Special
  • Product type: Automatic stripper

See the Jokari 20310 Sensor Special Mini Automatic Wire Stripper for smaller cables.


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