Jokari 20310 Sensor Special Mini Automatic Wire Stripper

Jokari 20310 Sensor Special Mini

Jokari Sensor Special Mini Stripper

Review: Jokari 20310 Sensor Special Mini Automatic Wire Stripper

JOKARI 20310 Sensor Special “Mini” for Stripping Sensor and Actuator Cables with PUR or PVC Sheathing, 3.20 mm to 4.40 mm Diameter

In 2020 I accepted a position at a manufacturing company. The position didn’t have an official title, but one of the position’s goals is to improve the manufacturing equipment. Part of the improvement process requires replacing a coupled hundred reed type Festo cylinder position sensors and assorted three-wire proximity sensors and photoelectric sensors.

Unfortunately, most of the sensors are hard-wired with leads rather than M8 or M12 QD style cables. Stripping the outer jacket of sensor cables is annoying and tedious without proper tools. I have witnessed maintenance staff using knives, razor blades, and assorted other strippers not meant for the task. Those tools create the risk of a new problem by knicking the insulation jacket of the sensor leads.

Wanting to make the sensor cable jacket stripping process simple and accurate, I set out to find the best automatic wire stripper for my needs. I spent several nights researching electrical forums and Instagram accounts. Initially, I tried a few less expensive, highly regarded strippers, and they failed miserably on the halogen-free Festo cylinder position sensor cables. In the end, I broke down and bought the Jokari 20310 Sensor Special Mini Automatic Wire Stripper on Amazon.

Being a guy has been around a while; tool purchases aren’t something that typically excites me. The Jokari 20310 Sensor Special Mini Automatic Wire Stripper is one of the rare exceptions because if it worked as promised, my life at work would be improved by this tool. Well, I am pleased to report the Jokari Sensor Special Mini delivers!

Jokari 20310 Sensor Special Mini – In the Field

Using the Jokari Sensor Special “Mini” is self-explanatory. Place the cable to be stripped in the jaws, align the blade at the location you want the cable strip to occur, and squeeze the tool. The blade will score the insulating jacket while opposing jaws pull the jacket in opposing directions until the split occurs. The blade never cuts deep enough to risk damaging the conductors. In my opinion, the Jokari 20310 Sensor Special Mini Automatic Wire Stripper works with complete perfection.

The Jokari 20310 Sensor Special Mini Automatic Wire Stripper flawlessly strips the insulating jacket from the following cables, and I’m sure many more.

  • Turck Sensors & Turck Sensor Cables
  • Festo Cylinder Position Sensors with halogen-free cables
  • Optex Sensors & Optex Sensor Cables
  • Molex Brad Harison Sensor Cables (Woodhead)
  • Sick Sensors & Sick Sensor Cables
  • Banner Sensors & Banner Sensor Cables
  • Baumer Sensors & Sensor Cables
  • Automation Direct Sensors and Automation Direct Sensor Cables
  • SMC Cylinder Position Sensors
  • Bimba Cylinder Position Sensors
  • Phoenix Contact Sensor Cables
  • Balluff Sensors & Sensor Cables
  • Autonics Sensors
  • Keyence Sensors & Keyence Sensor Cables
  • P&F Sensors & P&F Sensor Cables

The Jokari Sensor Special Mini Automatic Wire Stripper is a critical tool in my toolbox. It enables me to effortlessly strip sensor cables with no concern for conductor damage.

Note: cables referenced above are models & series within the capacity range of the Jokari Sensor “Mini” Automatic Wire Stripper. Cables outside the stated specification would require a different (larger) tool such as the non-mini Jokari Sensor Special Automatic Wire Stripper.

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Download the Jokari Sensor Special Mini Stripper Product Data Sheet

From the Jokari:

This tool is a quality product made in Germany by JOKARI. The JOKARI-Krampe GmbH is a leading producer of cable stripping and de-insulating technology. JOKARI produce for more than 40 years specialized tools for a wide range of applications that allow simple, fast, and precise cable stripping. Many industrial applications require utmost precision and perfection from wire strippers. These specialist tools are indispensable helpers for all switchboard construction, mechanical and plant engineering, and industrial cabling purposes.

The automatic wire strippers convince with their exceptional quality and practical functionality. With their ergonomically perfect design, they are easy and safe to use even in hard-to-reach places. Their long life and wear-proof quality will not fail to impress their users anew every single day.

The Sensor Special Mini is an automatic wire stripper for stripping combination cables for sensor-actuator junctions/bus couplers connections. The internal conductors and shielding are not cut or damaged. The cable duct in the stripper handle allows the unlimited stripping of data cables. Range: halogen-free sensor-actuator cables with PUR or PVC insulations For capacities 3.2 – 4.4mm in diameter

Part No. 20310

The Jokari 20310 (Sensor Mini) is for stripping of the sheathing of sensor/actuator cables. They are used for stripping -PUR halogen-free sensor/actuator cables, highly flexible TPE-U-cables, PUR- / PUR-PVC- / PVC-cables, multi-stranded cables, shielded and non-shielded

Capacity: 3.20 – 4.40 mm

Jokari 20310 Sensor Special Mini Features

  • It is an automatic stripping plier for stripping combined cables to connect sensor-actuator distribution boxes/bus couplers.
  • Stripping length arbitrarily
  • No adjustment to the cable cross-section necessary
  • Blades exchangeable
  • TÜV / GS approved


Spare parts available: Set spare knives no 29310

Jokari 20310 Sensor Special Mini Details

  • Dimensions (L x B x H): 16.6 x 10.2 x 2.8 cm
  • Net weight in grams: 125 grams


Jokari 20310 Sensor Special Mini Construction:

  • Tool: Fibreglass reinforced polyamide (PA)
  • Blade: Special steel, hardened and tempered

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